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Conducting the Bitch Train

photo credit: D├ívidSt. As in, what’s the opposite of ‘Crushing It’? Not getting any traction. Very much all over the place. Conducting the Bitch Train, as it were. It’s the execution of a plan that is the problem. No tech dude to tweak the phps. No $ to pay the outsourced. And not enough social […]

Away From My Desk

credit: xlibber My blog aggregation experiments will have to take a break. I’m leaving Monday for a month of work related travel. That means a lot of hotels, sporadic internet connections, and lots of hours in a van without any internet. I’ve got a copy of Stewart Brand’s new book, Whole Earth Discipline to read. […]

Scrape Hate – Aggregate

In my naivete this is how I’m thinking about it, why I think it’s ok…
I’m not taking the full post-just a long enough, and juicy enough bit to whet the appetite of the reader and to let them see that the author is the real deal. In the rare instance I do take a full post, it’s because it’s short but deserving of attention and either to a blog that is just getting started, OR their ad is in the post footer. The link back to the original post is front and center. And lastly I’m not running any ads.

Outsource Your Attention!

Where we’re headed: We read it for you! Readerss consume hundreds of niche topic news and blog articles daily, pick the best, and share them with you. Readerss are real people, not algorithms. We weed out the spam, the cheesy link bait, the SEO keyword dross, all the manufactured news, to connect you with what […]