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Conducting the Bitch Train

photo credit: DávidSt.

As in, what’s the opposite of ‘Crushing It’? Not getting any traction. Very much all over the place. Conducting the Bitch Train, as it were.
It’s the execution of a plan that is the problem. No tech dude to tweak the phps. No $ to pay the outsourced. And not enough social currency to call in favors to jump start what is actually a simple idea: Hand-picked niche content aggregated by experts. Ideally they’d be well-known bloggers. Business model to follow but mostly likely simple sponsorship and perhaps a daily product sale. If you are an expert in Internet Marketing, Pro Blogging, Web Development or Web Design, and you’re already scanning hundreds of blog posts every morning in Google Reader, please consider joining with me in presenting the days’ best of the best content. It’s as simple as tagging an article.

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