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Away From My Desk

credit: xlibber

My blog aggregation experiments will have to take a break. I’m leaving Monday for a month of work related travel. That means a lot of hotels, sporadic internet connections, and lots of hours in a van without any internet. I’ve got a copy of Stewart Brand’s new book, Whole Earth Discipline to read. And I’ve just downloaded the Harvard Extension School Fall 2009 “Building Dynamic Websites” course taught by David J. Malan.

I knew this was coming up and so wanted to have put a lot of time into Readerss before I left. I wanted to have a good solid month of aggregation into the sites to see what would happen traffic-wise.
For whatever reason, has done the best. But we’re talking about 2-3 visitors a day. is up to about 20 visitors a day, but it’s been around longer. It’s also a much smaller niche that doesn’t have any ‘competition’ really. It’s nice that BlackSwanReport has generated some positive feedback lately. Some people have expressed their appreciation.

But what has impressed me the most over the last month is the amount of work that it required to populate these sites intelligently. There is just so much content in these internet related areas. Companies spewing out content in some cases. Pro bloggers obviously feeling compelled to write daily. You really have to read a lot of it in order to find the best. I’m not going to be able to sustain this amount of time investment. I’m going to have to make some changes when I get back.

What would be best is to find some other passionate people to share their favorite feed items with me. I do feel I’ve got domaining covered – I have a lot of energy¬† for the domain industry and can pour over all the news. I need people who feel similarly about blogging for a living, seo, web development, web design and internet marketing. If you’re one of those people please email me and let’s talk. If you’re using Google Reader it’s as easy as sharing your favs.